Panasonic HC-X1500E Review

Having had a go with the Panasonic HC-X1500E, and I have to say, I was pretty excited to try it out. As someone who loves capturing moments in stunning 4K resolution, I was really looking forward to putting this camcorder to the test. I know how important it is to have the right equipment when it comes to professional videography, and I wanted to see if this little powerhouse could live up to its promises. If you’re in the market for a new camcorder and want to know if the Panasonic HC-X1500E is worth the investment, then keep reading!

Panasonic HC-X1500E

Pros and Cons

What We Liked

  • The image stabilization is truly impressive. It made a huge difference, especially when shooting on the go or in challenging conditions.
  • The zoom capabilities are fantastic. I was able to capture detailed shots even from a distance, and the 25mm wide-angle lens really came in handy for capturing expansive scenes.
  • The high bit rate for video recording resulted in excellent quality footage, and the 120/100fps Super Slow-motion feature was a game-changer for capturing dynamic moments.
  • The compact and lightweight design made it easy for me to carry the camcorder around for extended periods without feeling fatigued.
  • The manual rings for focusing and zoom/iris operation were a thoughtful addition and made the controls feel intuitive and responsive.

What Can Be Improved

  • The low-light performance left something to be desired. I noticed a significant decrease in image quality and increased noise in challenging lighting conditions.
  • The lack of water or moisture resistance was a bit of a letdown, especially for outdoor shooting. It’s important to be extra cautious when using the camcorder in unpredictable weather.

Quick Verdict

Overall, the Panasonic HC-X1500E is a solid professional camcorder with impressive features like wide-angle lens, exceptional image stabilization, and high-quality video recording. While it has its drawbacks, such as the low-light performance and lack of water resistance, it’s still a great option for capturing stunning 4K footage. If you’re looking for a compact and versatile camcorder for your videography needs, you can check out the Panasonic HC-X1500E here.

Unboxing – What’s Inside?

I recently purchased the Panasonic HC-X1500E on Amazon to take my video production to the next level. The delivery was incredibly fast, and I received the product within just two days of placing the order. Inside the box, I found the camcorder, along with the manual to help me get started right away.


Model name: HC-X1500E. Camcorder type: Video Camera. Photo sensor technology: MOS. Optical zoom: 24 x. Screen size: 3.5 Inches. Special feature: Anti-Shake, Low Light. Colour: Black. Flash memory type: SD. Connectivity technology: Wi-Fi. Brand: Panasonic. Effective still resolution: ‎1.6 MP. Style: ‎Single. Maximum shutter speed: ‎1/8.000 seconds. Focus type: ‎Auto Focus, Manual Focus. Maximum Aperture Range: ‎f1.8-4. Water Resistance Level: ‎Water Resistant. Viewfinder Magnification: ‎24X Optical Zoom. Part number: ‎HC-X2000E. Objective Lens Diameter: ‎62 Millimetres. Min Focal Length: ‎4.12 Millimetres. Memory Slots Available: ‎2. Max Focal Length: ‎98.9 Millimetres. Item Weight: ‎2.6 Kilograms. Product Dimensions L x W x H: ‎25.7 x 12.9 x 9.3 centimetres. Package Weight: ‎2.67 Kilograms. Package Dimensions L x W x H: ‎32.8 x 28.4 x 21.9 centimetres.


The manual that came with the camcorder was extremely helpful in getting me acquainted with all the features and functions of the HC-X1500E. It provided clear instructions on how to navigate the settings and make the most out of this professional camcorder. You can find the user guide here.

Features – What We Found

Compact and Lightweight Design

The Panasonic HC-X1500E is designed for maximum mobility and portability without compromising on advanced functions. The compact body is carefully balanced to consider the weight of the camera when shooting, making it easy to handle for extended periods.

Pro-Tip: The lightweight design of the camcorder makes it perfect for on-the-go shooting, allowing you to capture high-quality video in any location without feeling weighed down.

Wide-Angle 25mm Lens with 24x Optical Zoom

The camcorder features a wide-angle 25mm lens that can zoom in up to 24x, covering a range from wide-angle to telephoto. This allows you to capture a variety of shots from different distances, making it suitable for a wide range of filming scenarios.

Explore the Panasonic HC-X1500E Lightest 4K Professional Camcorders with Wide-Angle 25 mm Lens and 24x Optical Zoom Single here.

Face Detection and Color Recognition

The camcorder’s Face Detection feature ensures that subjects are captured without out-of-focus and exposure problems, allowing for clear and sharp footage. Additionally, color recognition improves tracking when capturing moving subjects, such as faces that move to either side of the frame.

Dual Manual Rings for Focusing and Zoom/Iris Operation

With two manual rings provided for focusing and zoom/iris operation, the Panasonic HC-X1500E offers enhanced ease of use. The different-sized rings in the front and rear of the camcorder allow for easy distinction by touch, improving the overall user experience.

Pro-Tip: Utilize the manual rings for precise control over focus and zoom, giving you the flexibility to capture the perfect shot with ease.

High Bit Rate Video Recording and Super Slow-motion

The camcorder supports a high bit rate of 200 Mbps for 59.94p/50p video recording with HEVC codec, ensuring high-quality video capture. Additionally, it allows for 120/100fps Super Slow-motion recording with 10-bit quality in FHD, providing creative flexibility for capturing dynamic footage.

Scores and Review

Our Score: 81.0

After using the Panasonic HC-X1500E Lightest 4K Professional Camcorder, I must say that I am thoroughly impressed with its performance. The compact body and powerful stabilizer make it incredibly easy to handle, especially when on the move. The 25mm wide-angle lens and 24x optical zoom provide exceptional versatility for capturing a wide range of shots. The face detection feature ensures that subjects are always in focus, while the high bit rate of 200 Mbps for video recording delivers top-notch quality.

I found this camcorder to be a perfect fit for my filmmaking needs. Whether shooting indoors or outdoors, the image stabilization and quality were consistently excellent. The ability to switch between UHD and FHD modes, as well as the seamless integration with other equipment in a multi-camera setup, really sets this camcorder apart. For anyone looking for a professional-grade camcorder that is small and light without compromising on features, I highly recommend the Panasonic HC-X1500E.

Overall, the Panasonic HC-X1500E exceeded my expectations and has become an essential tool in my filmmaking arsenal. The high-quality construction and professional features make it a worthwhile investment for anyone serious about videography. With a convenient size and weight, this camcorder is a versatile and reliable option for capturing stunning visuals in various settings. I can confidently say that this camcorder is a game-changer and a must-have for any filmmaker or videographer.

Best combination

When investing in a professional camcorder like the Panasonic HC-X1500E, it’s essential to also consider storage options for your footage. That’s why I suggest considering the SanDisk 128GB Extreme PRO SDXC card + RescuePRO Deluxe. This high-speed, high-capacity SD card is perfect for storing the high-quality 4K footage that the Panasonic HC-X1500E produces. With transfer speeds of up to 200MB/s, UHS-I Class 10, U3, V30, you can trust that your footage will be securely and quickly stored.

By investing in the SanDisk 128GB Extreme PRO SDXC card + RescuePRO Deluxe alongside your Panasonic HC-X1500E, you can ensure that you have the necessary storage and backup options to capture every important moment without worrying about running out of space. Plus, the included RescuePRO Deluxe software provides added peace of mind by helping you recover accidentally deleted files.

When shooting with a professional camcorder, it’s crucial to have reliable storage, and the SanDisk 128GB Extreme PRO SDXC card + RescuePRO Deluxe offers just that.

Other Options To Consider

When considering a professional 4K camcorder, it’s important to explore all the options before making a decision. While the Panasonic HC-X1500E is a top-of-the-line choice, there are other alternatives that may better suit your specific needs and preferences.

  1. Canon XA40 Professional UHD 4K Camcorder: For those seeking a more budget-friendly option without compromising on quality, the Canon XA40 might be a great choice. It offers 4K UHD recording capabilities, a powerful optical zoom, and compact design, making it accessible for filmmakers who are mindful of their budget but still require professional-grade features.
  2. Sony PXW-Z90V 4K HDR XDCAM: If advanced motion detection and autofocus capabilities are priorities, the Sony PXW-Z90V could be the better option. It boasts fast hybrid autofocus, 4K HDR recording, and live streaming capabilities, making it suitable for professionals who need a reliable camcorder for dynamic shooting environments.
  3. Panasonic HC-X2000 UHD 4K HDMI Pro Camcorder: For those who prioritize portability without sacrificing features, the Panasonic HC-X2000 stands out. It’s known for being the world’s smallest and lightest 4K 60p camcorder, offering impressive optical performance, integrated ND filters, and Wi-Fi live streaming, making it ideal for on-the-go shooting and live event coverage.

Each of these alternatives provides unique advantages:

  • The Canon XA40 is an excellent choice for filmmakers who need a compact, versatile camcorder with professional features at a more affordable price point.
  • The Sony PXW-Z90V offers cutting-edge technology and features for videographers who require fast autofocus and high-quality 4K HDR content.
  • The Panasonic HC-X2000 appeals to those needing a lightweight camcorder for mobile and live event filming, offering advanced features in a highly portable package.

By considering these alternatives, you can ensure that you’re selecting a professional camcorder that aligns with your specific needs, whether you’re producing documentaries, covering live events, or creating content for digital platforms. Each option offers a unique set of features and advantages, from budget-friendly models to those with advanced autofocus systems and portability, providing a range of choices to suit various professional videography requirements.

Ultimately, by exploring these alternative options, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your individual requirements and aspirations as a videographer. Each of these products brings its own unique strengths to the table, offering a compelling case for why you should consider them as viable alternatives to the Panasonic HC-X1500E.

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